Spread Sunshine with Us



Our mission is to share kindness with our customers, our community, our world. Think about this: if one kind word can change the entire course of someone's day, what can we do as a collective if we live a kind & loving life of servitude to those around us?? 

Here at Sunshine & Co., we offer a variety of apparel, accessories, & gifts that promote love & kindness, specifically that which was modeled by Jesus. A portion of the work we do will always go toward a ministry that matters. Right now, we are partnering with our church family to supply families in need with diapers. We are humbly accepting diaper donations that will be distributed as often as possible. 


If you'd like to contribute to this ministry, we'd like to thank you by giving you 10% off your entire purchase when you donate a pack of diapers. Drop off diapers at any time during our scheduled business hours, or contact us to make arrangements.


Your kindness matters. Your love matters. Spread sunshine with us.